Driving down Indiana Ave. I came to some congestion and saw that it was due to a truck whose load had fallen out of the bed. As I got closer I saw a man frantically picking up 90 lb bags of Quickrete out of the busy intersection and flopping them back in the truck. He must have been building a castle..close to 20 bags were still on the ground with split packaging and poofing dust. He looked devastated and defeated. Every time I am in this kind of scenario I think of Dan Neff. I’ve seen him, many times, hop out of the cab, truck still running, traffic still flowing and sprint to some stranger’s aid. Upon return, he’d say “I’ve been that guy” and then just go on with his business. So I hopped out. Me and this rando worked; he picked up the pace with relief on his face. We did work and went on our separate ways. Not long after the same guy approached me in Home Depot, told me I was an angel and hugged me. I’ve been that guy too….well, without the rando hug.