“Living in community means that I allow your life to affect mine and I allow my life to be affected by you.

It means that what happens to you matters to me, and if I can help I will help, because you matter.”  – Dan Neff

The “Cowboy Dan” site is dedicated to the value of community as taught to us by Dan Neff; a man who once bought groceries for a women in need by allowing her to go through the grocery store and placing in her basket whatever she needed. A man who climbed many roofs to assist with nailing on shingles; who drove his truck many miles to help with a building project or to help someone move into a new place; a man who used up his body on this earth in service to others.

As his family, we continue to be inspired by his example and wish to carry on his tradition of living community through this site named and created in honor of him.

Dan loved to tell stories and he enjoyed hearing stories from others. This site is a story space for:

  • Stories from the lore of Cowboy Dan and ways we’ve seen, or heard, of how he reached out to others in ways big and small;
  • First-hand accounts of those Dan has helped through the years and how they were impacted;
  • Current stories of how those who were inspired by Dan’s life reached out to help another as a tribute to Dan Neff.

If Dan Neff touched your life in some way, we hope you will share that story here and then go one step further: that you will reach out to someone and make their life better in honor of Dan.

In this way, Dan lives on through all of our efforts.

We have been changed by Dan’s way of spreading Acts of Kindness in the world and although he left this earth on April 15, 2021, we want his kindness to live on through Acts of Kindness–the Cowboy Dan Way!

Authenticity is an inside job. You get to decide what constitutes an authentic kindness for YOU. Then you offer that kindness to the world. That is The Cowboy Dan Way.

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Recent posts:

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